Studio Aelbo outfit subscription

From: 39,00 / month

Babies grow quickly, up to eight sizes in the first years! We bring convenience! Subscribe and be surprised by a colorful outfit every month.
Receive the finest essentials in the right size at home every month? Choose maximum convenience with our monthly Studio Aelbo subscription.

Each month, you will receive a complete outfit of three items: a top, bottom and an accessory. All our items have an oversized fit, are colorful, and perfectly coordinated with each other. Of course, the outfits are carefully tailored to the seasons. With our items, you can build the perfect foundational wardrobe for your child. All our items are made from the finest organic cotton and produced in Portugal.

Sustainably produced

At Studio Aelbo, our sustainable and social vision resonates in every step we take. It starts with the design of our clothing, featuring an oversized fit, allowing it to be worn for a longer period. We have deliberately chosen for production in Portugal to reduce the distance and have local control over the working conditions. When it comes to material selection, we only work with organic cotton, and we avoid the use of plastic packaging during transportation. Finally, our clothing is delivered to your home in a sustainable manner.

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