For a bit more convenience, you can also subscribe to Studio Aelbo.

How does our service work?

and receive your box

Babies grow quickly, up to eight sizes in the first years! We bring convenience! Subscribe and surprise yourself with a colorful outfit every month.

Customize it

The size of the subscription automatically grows with your little one. Of course, you can easily modify or pause the subscription as well!


Make everyday life easier with Studio Aelbo. We’ve got your back, today and tomorrow.

other families!

Free returns on the items you no longer need. We give it a second life together with Stichting Babyspullen. You will receive a discount on your next box!

Convenience for you

Every family is different, every child is different.

But one thing is the same for everyone: following your own path and trusting your own instincts brings the most happiness.

Studio Aelbo believes it’s time for extra convenience! So that all families can find their own way. And enjoy every day.

We provide the most beautiful basics for the little ones in organic cotton. For a little extra convenience, you can also subscribe to our service. Finding your own path already takes up enough time!

Fair, sustainable, and social

All our clothing is made from organic cotton and produced in Portugal. We strive to interact with the world and its inhabitants in the best possible way. Together, we ensure a better future for everyone.

Get inspired!

Some parents want to be perfectly prepared for their child’s rapid growth. Others love the fact that with Studio Aelbo, everyday life becomes easier and more enjoyable.

Get inspired by other parents on our social media channels!

We are Studio Aelbo!

We are here for parents who want to enjoy today by outsmarting tomorrow. For their children, for themselves, and for the world.

With our monthly subscription of essential children’s clothing, we provide children with colorful garments in which they feel comfortable and joyful.

Anne & Kristine de Wilde
Founders Studio Aelbo
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