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Anne & Kristine

We've got your back. Today and tomorrow!

We are Studio Aelbo!
We are here for parents who want to enjoy today by outsmarting tomorrow. For their children, for themselves, and for the world.

With our monthly subscription to essential children’s clothing, we provide children with colorful garments in which they feel comfortable and joyful.

We are

About Kristine & Anne
Every parent chooses their own path, whether consciously or by chance. Whether it’s the color of the room, sleep, nutrition, or clothing, you are constantly making choices. As two sisters who were pregnant with our first child at the same time, we were fortunate to have each other to discuss everything.

Those kids are now 4 years old, but we still discuss those choices daily. Of course, sometimes we choose different directions, even when it comes to clothing. But one thing we agreed on, at least, is that we were missing high-quality and colorful essentials that are also sustainable.

Studio Aelbo is the solution to that missing piece. We produce sustainable clothing that brings color into the lives of you and your children. Additionally, we also curate the most beautiful outfits for you and conveniently deliver them to you every month. Indeed, it’s one less decision to make!

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